Superpowered Season 2022-2023

The Ribbots had an incredibly successful rookie season. The team won the Core Value awards at their regional competition. In addition, the team qualified to the MN State Championships (60 teams qualified out of 450 total) where they won the innovation project model award. The team was then invited to compete in the 2023 Western Edge Invitational in Long Beach California along with 80 teams from around the world. The team competed well and gained significant experience

Innovation Project

Tides Without Collides: Tidal turbines can negatively impact ocean animals (killing them/interfere with communication).  The solution is a braking mechanism for the turbines trigged by underwater sensors with flashing LED lights to detract animals. 

The team worked with the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources and National Renewable Labatory in Dever Colorado to make improvements on their solutions.

2022-2023 Robot "Hornet"

The "Hornet" was the Superpowered Robot designed by the team.  The robot was compact with a flat wall to use for launching from the base.  The robot had one motor for attachments on the side.  The front was used to push energy units and mission models to various places on the mat.  The robot had 2 motorized wheels up front that were designed for traction on the mat.  The robot was capable of scoring 295 points.