The Ribbots were tasked with the following innovation project: "How can you use technology and the arts to help engage others or increase participation in what you love to do? "  

The Ribbots are focused on increasing participation in hobbies for kids with special needs.  The specific project they selected as a team is to increase participation in Lego League for students with severe autism.  They created visual tools that would allow the students to communicate and fully engage in practices.  They started and mentored a new team called the Mighty Oaks, which was a team comprised of students from Deerwood Elementary's Connect Program (autism program).  They took everything they learned to create a How-To Guide for the FLL community to guide more coaches, teachers, and parents to start up additional teams for autistic students.

Visual Tools

Consulting with Professionals

Pilot Team for Students with Autism (Mighty Oaks)

How-To Guide (scan the QR code below to download the guide filled with tips, tools, and resources for starting up more STEAM opportunities for students with autism)